Camera Surveys
and reports

We use professional wireless digital camera and telescopic inspection poles to record images of the insides of the gutters. We can view hoppers, gulleys and into the tops of downpipes in this way and record the images onto a hard drive. Video can be taken to provide illustrations of gutters before and after cleaning. All this information can be supplied to clients electronically or on disc.

Roofline surveys

We offer full camera surveys of guttering systems and roofline with written reports. Details of findings are illustrated with dated images and supplied electronically or on disc. These surveys are ideal for:

  • Planning maintenance programmes
  • Insurance reports
  • Premises for potential purchase
  • Annual assessment of cleaning needs

We think it is just as important to tell our customers when their gutters don’t need cleaning as when they do need cleaning. A simple annual survey can save unnecessary expenditure on cleaning or highlight any problems building up in the system enabling prompt attention and prevention of future difficulties.


Survey of commercial offices, North Norwich


A Commercial Property Consultant recently employed us to conduct a roofline survey in advance of an accountancy company moving to new premises. We conducted a camera survey of the rainwater system and roofline and found that the downpipes, hoppers and flat roof were all clear of debris but the gutters contained a significant build up of silt and the beginnings of plant growth. We discovered and documented a broken roof slate that was allowing water to get into the roof of the building.


Our client was able to get the gutters cleaned and the roof slate mended before her client took possession of the building, assured that there would be no issues with damp or overflow of the gutters. We provided images of the completed work for our client’s records.