Vacuum gutter cleaning

We provide vacuum gutter cleaning, working from the ground using light weight carbon fibre poles. We use the powerful G Force system, which combined with the high reach poles, allows us to clean gutters quickly, safely and efficiently.

We can reach over conservatories and fragile roofs, above balconies or verandas and get into narrow spaces to clean those gutters that are tricky to access with other systems or more traditional methods. We have developed an extensive range of cleaning heads so that we can clean any shape and style of gutter. We haven’t come across a gutter we cannot clean!

We conduct a camera survey after cleaning to ensure that the gutters and down pipes are thoroughly clean.

We provide a free no obligation quote service with a camera inspection as standard. Just call us to arrange an appointment and we will be pleased to come and discuss your requirements and give you
a price for the work.


The G Force system is incredibly powerful and because the carbon fibre poles are so light we can clean high gutters very easily. We use a set of specially developed cleaning heads and nozzles that enable us to get into the nooks and crannies of any shaped gutter. We use unique extendible heads to clean into the tops of downpipes. The waste is collected in the vacuum unit and as most of the material is organic matter it can usually be composted.
The G Force vacuum unit is a commercial cleaning machine and has very powerful suction properties. We have special cleaning heads designed to dislodge weeds so they can be easily removed from your gutters. There are some good examples of this on our Gallery page.
Once the cleaning is complete we use a telescopic inspection pole to check the gutters and downpipes using a wireless digital camera. The camera has a clear display screen and if you would like to see the gutters for yourself we will be happy to show you. There is more information about our cameras on the Camera Survey page.
Gutter vacuum cleaning clears out the insides of the gutters and the downpipes. It is carried out using the method described above under "How does it work?".

Gutter washing is carried out using a high reach pure water cleaning system that washes down the outsides of the gutters, removing dirt and green algae. As part of this service we wash the fascias at the same time. This method of washing can also be used for:

• Barge boards
• Windows and window frames
• All uPVC fittings
• Garage doors
• Porches
The good news is that this is not an expensive job and in many cases will be cheaper than the traditional method of cleaning the gutters from a ladder. The reason we offer to come out and give you a quote is because every property is different and this way we can be sure that everything you want cleaned is included in the quote, so there are no hidden costs and no unwanted surprises on the day of cleaning.
Regular cleaning will definitely save you time and money. Generally speaking an annual clean is sufficient, however for properties situated in very leafy gardens it may be necessary to clean more often.
We are happy to pop and see you and give you a free no obligation quote. We are a friendly local company and we will not put any pressure on you to use our services. When we quote we are able to view your gutters with a telescopic inspection pole and camera so we can see exactly what condition your gutters are in - and you can see too if you would like to.

To book a quote you can:

Request a call back - available on every page of the website

Phone - 01508 490999

Email -
No, we are able to undertake the work even if you are not at home. The only thing we need is access all around your property. It is helpful if there is an outside tap or outside power supply but if these are not available we can use our own onboard power and water.