Residential Case Studies


We were contacted by a regular client who had just moved house.  He was unhappy with the way the soffit and barge boards had been fitted to his new property.  They had been left with a huge gap behind and nothing was square.We hand cut new sections to infill the gaps, leaving an enclosed b...

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Gutter cleaning Norwich - house with conservatory

We are often called out to clean gutters above a conservatory so this case study is included to show that we can clean over glass with no risk of damage. This is one of the key benefits of the light weight carbon fibre pole system that we use. In conjunction with high powered suction and flexible cl...

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Gutter cleaning South Norfolk - house with weeds

The owner of this house in South Norfolk was concerned that she had let the plants growing in the gutters get too much of a grip. We were able to reassure her that this is not an unusual amount of debris and it is never too late to get it all removed and restore your gutters to full working order.Th...

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